Bơm trục đứng lưu lượng lớn Kaiquan HL, ZL

Vertical Axial/Mixed/flow pump Kaiquan HL,ZL


Thông số kỹ thuật:

<p>M&aacute;y bơm một tầng hướng trục/ d&ograve;ng xi&ecirc;n l&agrave; kiểu m&aacute;y bơm lưu lượng lớn với cột &aacute;p thấp. M&aacute;y bơm d&ograve;ng ZL/HL c&oacute; hiệu suất cao, &iacute;t tạo bọt kh&iacute; c&oacute; thể bơm nước hoặc c&aacute;c chất lỏng tương tự với nhiệt độ dưới 50 ℃.</p>
<p>M&aacute;y bơm d&ograve;ng ZL/HL đặc biệt ph&ugrave; hợp với c&aacute;c t&igrave;nh huống mực nước thay đổi li&ecirc;n tục nhưng cần cột &aacute;p cố định.</p>
<p>C&aacute;c lĩnh vực thường được sử dụng: cấp tho&aacute;t nước cho khu mỏ, th&agrave;nh phố, thị trấn, kỹ thuật cơ sở hạ tầng, luyện kim, nh&agrave; m&aacute;y năng lượng, đ&oacute;ng t&agrave;u, hệ thống tuần ho&agrave;n nước, dẫn nước l&ecirc;n cao, hệ thống lưu trữ nước, lấy nước s&ocirc;ng, xử l&yacute; nước thải, tưới ti&ecirc;u, n&ocirc;ng ngư nghiệp, l&agrave;m muối v.v...</p>
<p>Kaiquan ZL/HLseries vertical single-stage axial/mixed-flow pumps are a kind of pump with high qunityt and low head. The pumps, with high efficiency, good cavitation performance and other characteristics, clean water, or other kinds of liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water, all at the temperature of50℃. The pumps, particularly suitable for occasions where water levels change significantly and requirements for head are exact, are widely applicable. Water supply and drainage for mines in cities and towns, municipal engineering, sewage treatment;Iron and steel, metallurgy, power plants, shipbuilding, water plant circulation, lift water;Water conservancy projects, river harnessing;Irrigation, aquaculture, salt fields and so on.</p>
<p>1.The entire series offers a wide spectrum, complete models, and reasonable distribution of varieties,so that appropriate products can be found from the spectrum to meet different working conditions;</p>
<p>2.Shafts are provided with external sleeves and lubricated with clean water. Hence the pumps are especially suitable for pumping sewage or slightly particle-containing media;</p>
<p>3.A stainless steel sleeve is arranged at the journal where the shaft and the rubber bearing mate to overcome the problems that traditional chrome plating of chrome journal easily wears and peels off;</p>
<p>4.The pumps can be mounted in a variety of ways to meet different pumping station designs, especially the compact installation form without shaft structure allows semi-underground or underground design of pumping plants, resulting in lower infrastructure investment into pumping station and less pump noise to the environment;</p>
<p>5.Superior hydraulic performance, reasonable structure, reliable and durable operation.</p>

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